Feel like every day is the same during this pandemic? Celebrate TODAY and break the cycle this Groundhog's Day with Women in Biohealth! Join in one of the four engaging and interactive zoom conversation rooms below for a break from the normal.

Conversation Rooms

No need to feel bound by one room! Feel free to bounce between zoom conversations as you please. Links to rooms are below. Please enter rooms on mute and wait for the host to let you in. If you have any problems, email [email protected]

Innovative Thinking: Inclusive and Positive Culture in the Workplace

Meeting ID: 933 6543 8892
Passcode: 634597
Dial In: 1 833 548 0282

Creativity and innovation are influenced by an organization’s culture and the mindset, ideas, and attitudes of staff. An inclusive and positive environment can promote a creative, knowledge-sharing culture when staff are comfortable with ambiguity, risk-taking, and not being in control, and rewarded when they are actively curious, speak up, and listen to others.

  • Facilitator: Sisi Li
  • Producer: Lina Haag
  • Host: Margaret Elvekrog

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Having a Plan B: Proactive Consideration of Options and Alternatives

Meeting ID: 993 8681 0743
Passcode: 104717
Dial In: 1 312 626 6799

If something happens to your work/career what would you do? Having a strategy to proactively manage your career progression or transition gives confidence in your choices, reduces stress in the face of change, identifies new avenues, and allows you to dream big.

  • Facilitator: Megan Steffen
  • Producer: Michele Smith
  • Host: Cathy Rasmussen

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Taking Care of Yourself During a Pandemic

Meeting ID: 954 9258 3438
Passcode: 745795
Dial In: 1 312 626 6799

With the constant need to balance (and rebalance) work and life obligations in this dynamic situation, it is important to carve out time to think about your personal and professional goals, clearly identify your priorities, and establish boundaries. It is equally important to develop a personal action plan, communicate your goals to those who need to know, and solicit support from those who can help.

  • Facilitator: Melinda Verdone
  • Producer: Melody Jankowski
  • Host: Grace Maass

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Coping with a Virtual Workplace and World

Meeting ID: 983 7542 6312
Dial In: 1 312 626 6799

Common frustrations expressed throughout 2020 included a lack of clarity about roles within a changing environment, the loss of interpersonal connections due to remote work and social distancing, reduced motivation and increased stressors, and overwhelming workloads in both personal and professional realms. In planning for whatever 2021 holds, what strategies have people employed that were successful to combat these concerns?

  • Facilitator: Lerin Hendrickson
  • Producer: Ginny Powers
  • Host: Rissa Guffey

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